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Pre-Orders Now Open!

Pre-order your favorite SUFbrand apparel today! For a limited time we will be accumulating all of our customers orders to restock otherwise limited stock items such as Hoodies, Joggers and Crewnecks! All you have to do is hit the pre-order button and once the order minimum is hit we will ship out all products!

Contact us at contact@sufbrand.com for more information




SUF Masks now on Amazon!

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This Hoodie Sample Quality is Amazing!

Arab Vibez


One of the comfiest shirts I have ever owned.

University of Illinois at Chicago - Student

Long Lasting

I have had this shirt for three years now, wearing it everyday and it still looks and feels amazing!

UICMSA - Board Member

Great quality 5/5

Ordered them a while back. I love the fit, super comfortable and stylish. The only mask I wear now! Customer service is great and I would order again.

Zain - Amazon

Best Hoodies Ever

My new work uniform!

Anthony - b8ta