About Us

  • One-Stop-Shop

    • SUF is proud to provide you with all your manufacturing needs! Think of us as a trusted connection that replaces Alibaba.
    • We have a string of factories that are able to provide any type of
      • Material - (Cotton, Polyester, Denim, Leather, etc.)
      • Product - (Hoodies, Shirts, Joggers, Crewnecks, Beanies, Towels, Wallets, Jeans, etc.)
      • Service - (Embroidery, Screen Printing, Tag Creation, Shipping Bags/Boxes, Digitizing, Graphic Design etc.) and so much more!
  • Catered to you

    • We specialize every order uniquely to every client. Every brand, company and organization has different requirements and different ideas they want to come to life! Due to this we like to get very personal and set up call or texts to discuss in detail how SUF can work for you
    • From smaller start-up brands that are looking to order small quantities. To larger organizations that want to streamline and minimize cost in their production. We work with you to make it happen.
    • If you can dream it, we can help you create it! Just contact us and we will help you get started!

General Questions

  • How do your products fit?

    • You can visit our Sizing Charts Page to see sizing for our products.
    • We are also able to create custom sizing upon request! Please contact us for more information.
  • Can I order samples?

    • Of course! We offer samples for every single product we have created and even for that beautiful new concept that we would love to help you create.
    • We like to think all of our clients are unique and special so please contact us to get a specialized quote/estimate on samples.
  • What is the minimum amount I have to order?

    • Minimum amounts vary based on what product, service, or idea you would like us to create! Instead of giving you a vague number that might change later on, we prefer to give you a personalized estimate when you contact us!
  • How do I place an order?

    • Once we confirm all the details we will send you an invoice through Wave where you can complete payment. 
    • If you would like to send us an email at or give us a call at 630.923.2326 we would love to talk about details.
  • Can I create my own design?

    • Yes! We love creativity and we want to help make your dream come to life.
    • If you can imagine it then we can make it happen!
  • Where are you based?

    • Our US location is based in the Western Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois
    • Our International headquarters (Also where all of our customization happens) is based in Karachi, Pakistan!
  • How long does it take to ship?

    • While we can't give you an exact time, the majority of our orders are at your doorstep within 3 weeks! It may take longer for larger or more complex orders, again, it varies for each client!

Contact Us

We know there are A LOT more questions that you may have and that's why we would love to talk!
We are available 24/7 for any questions, inquiries and help. 
Our phone number is 630.923.2326 and our email is
We can't wait to hear from you!!