Shelf Life

With the best quality in every detail and a longer lifespan that still is cost effective

Increasing the maximum lifespan of our clothing and accessories is what defines every decision throughout our entire production process

From creating high-quality cotton and polyester to developing special types of seams to increase durability

We have been continuously perfecting our classics such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and joggers



A unique blend of luxury grade cotton and polyester

The quality of the material determines the quality and durability of the fabric and thus of the entire garment

That's why we only work with the best materials. no cutting corners




We use only the highest quality materials that are perfect for customization and suitable for all climates

So whatever it is you need we have you covered

Our pieces can be made to work hard for your company

It's the perfect background for printed or embroidered logos, motifs or written messages and can be designed exactly to your requirements


Vibrant Colors

Our prints have exceptional aging qualities it's gonna take a lot for them to fade

Vibrant shades, colors that stay accurate across every material, pre-shrunk and highly wash resistant

We regularly test the ability of each individual color to resist the mechanical wear that it will face from detergents and machine washing

So you can rest assured that, as long as you observe the care instructions, our garments will continue to look great wash after wash


Designed for Everyone

Designed for comfort in whatever sizes you need

Two size options that has been tailored a regular and a slim fit

Ask anyone that wears our products, Nothing pinches, there are no tight spots and everything sits perfect

Each and every piece is put together with comfort in mind

A fact that can be seen and felt



Your company or organization is what makes our garments turn heads

Our workers take care of putting your individual collection together and providing you with the perfect customization

This means that each individual piece is printed, embroidered and stitched in accordance with precise requirements

Making it an essential part of your team



We only screen print to ensure the best print quality

Different versions of screen printing offer a wide variety of design options and an almost unlimited color spectrum

The colors are very resistant to the effects of light and weather conditions



Embroidery is the most elegant and durable form of customization

It is suitable for almost all fabrics and base materials

We have a plethora of different colors and the softest and strongest threads to choose from